What they said about us !
Thank you does not seem like enough.The experience of life was amazing to an extent that it is difficult to
express.All I can say is I hope to share it with you again...Truly

Thank you for incredible experiences-the greatest drumming and dancing and a feeling for Turkey we could
never gotten from books or movies - a beautiful country with beautiful people.Thankyou,thank you,thank you..
Marion-James Speed..CA-USA

We are Jenny,Candy and Lucy who come from Taiwan.This is a softly and fragant place just like home,Mr.Bulent
is a good cook and a drummer.Thank you that let us learn the typical turkish live..We all very enjoy turkish
live.Because we can relax completely and far away from the busy city live and stress.Thank you again.This is a
nice place,really.We will come back
Janny & Candy from Taiwan

Thank you for a great week.Good food,nice bellydance lessons and a wonderful village!Good luck with your
dreams.It is only you in Gokpinar who can fullfill them
Ann from Sweden

Thank you for a wonderful bellydancing,educational vacation.Thank you for your patience & just being there for
Stephanie Singh -Cape Town, South Africa

A wonderful place to relax and see a slice of 'real' Turkey.Great company too much wonderful turkish food and
a lovely atmosphere.My fifth time in Turkey but still so many new things to experience and will take away some
beautiful memories.I hope the center will remain for many years to come.
Fiona Wilson-Bournemouth,UK

This is truly a life changing.Thank you for my lovely stay at Gokpinar!It introduced me to so much turkish life
and challenged me to find the similarites and differences in our cultures.Thank you
Mary Egan -Albany,New York

Over 30 hours of travel to enable us to experince a wonderful week at Gokpinar.Definetely a home away from
home.Look out we are coming back!
Bellyrine Bellydancers

You have a wonderful retreat here in Gokpinar.The space to think and the beautiful company has been
appreciated.I learned alot about dancing and about Turkey, enough to what my appetite and to let me how
much I don't know.I wish you success in maintaining your ideals and your wonderful sense of life as it could be
lived.Your sincerely
Therisa  Rogers - from  MI - USA

Thank you for two weeks of relaxed fun in the sun in lovely Gokpinar.We are sad to leave this amazing retreat
and yet excited about the beautiful connections we have made.We caught the history & intensity of Istanbul
,peaceful nature of Gokpinar .But our favourite moments include dancing
+ drumming with your family (and Pala and Tekel !).
Eating authentic turkish meals and sipping Raki;and long discussions about life,love and the
pursuit of happiness.Best luck in your endeavors.They come from a good place and will bear fruit.
John and Ashley  from Chicago - USA