Kumsal is a Turkish belly dancer and teacher from Istanbul.
As a 25 years old young new generation dancer she became famous in Turkey with an oriental dance compettion held in
2004 on national TV..
Altough she had been dancing since 8 years the TV oriental dance competiton made her recognized all around Turkey.
Her skills in dance and warm character made us also happy to know her.
She dances in winter times in Istanbul famous night clubs  such as Sultana's,Dedikodulu Meyhane.In summer times she
dances in famous dance club Kervansaray in Bodrum.
She has been teaching in Gokpinar since 2 years.
She has appeared on national television, magazines, newspapers after becoming succesful in the oriental dance
competition .
She had  ballet education in Turkey but then oriental dance became her passion as well as a career in Turkey.
She went to Japan for stage shows and danced in famous trade fair shows as well.
She teaches both in egyptian  and turkish style.
In her classes veil work,floor work,finger cymbals,body posture are the main subjects.
As being a friendly character makes her closed to students.
You can see her some TV shows and class videos below.