Cooking Courses in Caravanturkey Cultural Center
You can visit Gokpinar for cooking courses as well as bellydancing.
Local women will be teaching you traditinal way of turkish cuisine from start to end.
You will be experiencing day life of villagers and taste of turkish food.
Turkish food is fresh, delicious, and meals include cooked vegetables or salads, soups, fruit, meats, fish, breads
and sweets.  
Traditional meals create variety with seasonal ingredients and delight families while presenting a healthy diet.
Grilling foods outdoors is very popular and suits the Turkish love of feasting al fresco.

Learn this unique cuisine from an accomplished local cook, with all lessons translated to English in a friendly and
creative atmosphere
If you would like to add  cooking course in the same week with your bellydancing course
the additonal cost is  550 EURO per person - See more details at
If you would like to have the carpet weaving courses in another week the costs are as follows:
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